INTRACO S.A., operating in the market since 1974, is a major owner and administrator of office space in Warsaw, to be let to Polish and foreign firms. INTRACO building at 2 Stawki str., appeared on Warsaw skyline in 1975 as the first high-rise office block in Warsaw. It is located in the northern part of Central Warsaw, close to the historical Old Town.

Such location has a number of advantages - city centre and direct vicinity of an underground station. The office block has 39 storeys with a total floor space of 31,500 square metres, an underground car park for 200 cars and an outdoor car park with 40 spaces.

The offices have been functionally and user-friendly laid out, what many tenants point out and what you can appreciate by looking at a typical storey layout on further pages.

INTRACO provides on site a variety of services to the tenants, to improve work comfort, about what you can learn more from further webpages.

Currently, office accommodation is used by about 50 renowned Polish and foreign firms.

To meet the requirements of companies, the office block was wired with 5 category structural network and provided of the telephone exchange that can satisfy the needs of the tenants. We provide the tenants with easy and quick access to the internet.

During the past years the building was modernized - lifts and facade were replaced and in 2003, the change in lift decor and rearrangement of the main lobby were completed, to impart it with a new design, with an impressive central water cascade. Replacement of air conditioning system and rearrangement of the building surroundings are planned for the near future.

INTRACO S.A. is also the owner of the Business Estate, at the junction of Lektykarska and Smoleńskiego str., located on scenic Vistula escarp. There are five buildings there, of a total floor space of 8.000 square metres, and a car park for 260 vehicles. Four buildings were built in nineteen-seventies, the fifth one - in 1996. Office accommodation in the estate is used by about 30 Polish and foreign firms. A major advantage of the location is, despite a short distance from the city centre, the peace and quiet and verdure.

In the grounds, there is a restaurant, for the convenience of both the tenants and outside customers. The telephone exchange provides service for the estate and the tenants have access to internet. In part, the offices are wired with structural network. The site is guarded 24 hours a day.

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