Business Estate

INTRACO S.A. offers office accommodation for rent in four buildings of the Business Estate at Bielany, Lektykarska and Smoleńskiego str., in modules of 72.4 and 85.2 square metres or multiples thereof and in five-storey fully air-conditioned building, commissioned in 1996, with a floor space of abt 272 square metres per one storey.

Rents are negotiable, depending on the size of office to be rented and term of rent contract. Maintenance cost included in the rent. The above office buildings are located on the scenic Vistula escarp of Bielany, surrounded by verdure, quite and peace, and family houses, characteristic for that district.

For tenants's comfort and convenience, INTRACO offers also:
  • excellent lighting of premises,
  • round the clock security guard,
  • guarded car park for 260 cars,
  • use of restaurant,
  • 5 category structural network in five-storey building,
    so called "F" and wiring in other offices (on chat's request),
  • modern telephone exchange for the use of tenants,
  • quick and easy access to internet,
  • in-house building and repair teams for adaptation
    of offices to individual tenants' needs.
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